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Jinan Daklihua Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Jinan Daklihua Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-quality manufacturer of boilers and central air-conditioning fully-automatic softened water equipment. Adhering to the operating principle of "integrity first, people-oriented, efficiency first, service to the society", "everything is guided by user experience, and User value as the center! "Corporate purpose, with high-quality products and efficient after-sales service to return our customers and dedication to solve various water treatment problems for you. The energy-saving and environmental protection equipment produced is widely used in the softening of make-up water in systems such as steam boilers, hot water boilers, exchangers, evaporative condensers, air conditioners, and direct-fired engines. It can also be used in the treatment of domestic water in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, apartments, households, etc. and in the softened water treatment of food, beverage, brewing, laundry, printing and dyeing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. At the same time, the company is the agent of Siemens technology products in Germany, providing pre-sale, sale and after-sales service for HVAC equipment manufacturers and engineering companies, providing customers with excellent products and quality services. Electric thermostatic valve, self-operated thermostatic valve, electric two-way valve, electric three-way valve, electric regulating valve, fully softened water, stainless steel filter, reverse osmosis equipment, activated carbon, manganese sand, quartz sand filter. Electric differential pressure bypass valve, high-frequency electronic water treatment, Siemens HVAC, building series products. Building automatic control system, factory breeding automatic control system solution, industrial production temperature control, pressure control, gas control and other system solutions. ... [ View Details ]

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